A network where elfkin and elf fictives can communicate with one another and share information on their kintypes and canons.

    Rules (Updated 8/4/2018)


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    Rules (Updated 8/4/2018) Empty Rules (Updated 8/4/2018)

    Post by Ada'i on Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:25 pm


    By using this forum you are agreeing to abide by these rules and guidelines.
    Failure to do so will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

    Respect all admins, moderators, and members.
    This includes kintype, gender, pronoun preference, sexuality, spirituality, and religious views.

    There will be no racial, ethnic, or gender based insults or other personal discrimination.
    This can lead to a permanent ban.

    There will be no discussion of extreme topics, such as: gore, suicide, rape, eating disorders, or self harm.
    Discussion of these topics can result in a strike, temporary ban, or intimidate ban.

    You must be 14+ to use this forum. Any user found under the age will be banned.
    If you are banned and wish to return after you are of age, email an admin or moderator.

    You must be questioning/confirmed elfkin, an elf incarnate, or an Elven fictive/headmate to use these forums.
    If you no longer wish to use the forums and want your account deleted, ask an admin or moderator.

    One account per physical body.
    If you are a system we have settings to accommodate your preferences.

    Avatar icons must be in good taste.
    Any inappropriate avatar icons will be deleted.

    Keep an open mind while using the forums.
    Users may not share the same beliefs as you. Do not force your beliefs onto others.

    There is absolutely no roleplaying on the forums.
    We are here to learn about Elven kintypes. This is not a roleplay forum.

    All IP addresses are logged.
    If you get banned, your IP address will be blocked from this forum.

    Rules are subject to change.

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